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Our Mission

We're building systemic solutions to systemic problems.
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A few of the Eartheans

Robert Laylund
Global Climate Fund
Sandra Smitherson
Organization X
Tifta Mikish
Simon Michlen
Rider for Change
Pedro Escobar
Green Peace
The Challenge


Humanity faces a series of systemic issues all at once, risking collapse of our social, financial, and environmental systems.

Tons of greenhouse gas removal needed to restore Earth's atmosphere back to pre-industrial age levels.
Of the world's largest carbon credit issuers were proven worthless and damaging to environment.
Believe human pollution is an emergency but lack the tools that governments and institutions have to act.
The Solution


It's time for a new decentralized social network, to bring us back into balance with our planet Earth.

Build on the already decentralized Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.
Creating new incentives from the ground up that prevent centralization.
We move slow and build ecosystems, that aim to regenerate all life on Earth.
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