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We’re giving the power back to the people. You’ve hit the streets and made your voices heard, but now you have the opportunity to do something.
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A few of our DAOs

Robert Laylund
Global Climate Fund
Sandra Smitherson
Organization X
Tifta Mikish
Simon Michlen
Rider for Change
Pedro Escobar
Green Peace
The Challenge

Houston, we have a problem

Current nation states are fighting and failing to address the largest global challenge.

Tonnes of carbon needs to be removed per person to reduce the effects to meaningful levels.
Years to make this a reality, before the damage to the planet threatens all life on Earth.
Gigatons of carbon to be removed from the atmosphere to reverse all human effects.
The Mission

Create Solutions

Join a decentralized organization of peers to meaningfully create solutions for climate change.

Help solve one of the greatest threats to humanity with likeminded peers.
Open and transparent goals, communications, and budgets.
Globally scalable with real time consensus using Web3 tools & tech.
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