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Introducing Earth Buddies, a collectible NFT experience with fantastic artwork and real impact. All profit goes to our partner, Save Soil, to continue their mission to increase the organic matter in soil to a minimum of 3%.

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Help shape our planet’s future with a crypto wallet that empowers you to support innovative climate initiatives. User-friendly and secure, Earth Wallet makes it possible to grow your digital assets while offsetting your carbon footprint.


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Discover, collect, and store your favourite tokens and NFTs on Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, and the Internet Computer. Open source and secured for your peace of mind.

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Use your Earth Wallet to access Web3 securely and help build the decentralized internet with our open source developer docs.

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Bring Crypto Back to Earth

To be a part of a new decentralized economy solving climate change.
Our Mission

*Based on projected protocol revenue. This is a speculative graph; not financial advice.


Create, collect, and own digital assets on Web3 that make a positive impact on the planet.

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Build with Earth Connect to securely connect to your favourite Web3 applications with ease.

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