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October 18, 2022

Earth Wallet v0.9 - New Impact Initiatives, Domain Support, and more!

In this blog, we’ll be sharing v0.9 updates as well as some IRL updates for Earth Wallet.

Earth Wallet
Earth Wallet

What’s New in Earth Wallet Version 0.9

  • NFTree Seed Program to plant one tree for every new Earth Wallet user
  • NFT domain support
  • Ethereum staking and wallet performance optimizations

NFTree Seed Program

Starting today, up to 100,000 new and existing Earth Wallet users will be eligible to claim an NFTree Seed in partnership with esteemed non-profit partners Dollar Donation Club and Trees for the Future. Each NFTree Seed will represent one tree planted, which also captures approximately 15.5 lbs ofCO2/year, creates 3.75lbs of organic produce, and restores 16 sq. ft. of soil.

Additionally, their Forest Garden solution trains communities on sustainable land use so they can grow vibrant economies, thriving food systems, and a healthier planet.  Opposed to the monocropping approach, the Forest Garden provides homes for a diverse array of plant species, including food, resource, and medicinal crops- allowing farming families to improve their nutrition and stabilise their income by learning best practices in regenerative farming. To learn more check out this video.

Climate Change Forum in London on October 18th

The NFTree Seed program was be presented at the 2022 Climate Change Forum in London on October 18th, a decentralized community on a mission to connect a community of entrepreneurs and Web3 creators to build a symbiotic and regenerative relationship between technology, humanity, and our planet. Themes discussed during their keynote will be:

  • Here is how Web3 has the potential to regenerate/reforest the planet.
  • How is Web3 transforming carbon credits? 
  • How we can learn to lead the regenerative finance industry with trust.

NFT Domain Support

NFT domains are domains that live on a public blockchain and give users complete ownership of their stored data. The main benefits to owning one are simplifying crypto transactions by replacing wallet addresses with the domain name and easily creating and hosting websites on web3. For example, instead of having to remember complex public address strings like 0xd4cb10B5c5D5F557A9a6bcF437E1a07880045aaf, you could purchase an NFT domain such as earthwallet.eth and remember that instead.

Earth Wallet now supports the resolving of the most popular NFT domain protocols such as ENS. This means you can now easily send and receive to any .eth address, and have it automatically saved to your previous addresses. No more complex Ethereum addresses, or risk of sending to the wrong address because of a typo! We'll be integrating new NFT domain providers soon, so stay tuned for more!

Other Updates

As requested, we have added the ability to max send ETH and max stake ETH buttons to simplify the user experience. The new button will input the maximum available amount of ETh available with the gas cost automatically subtracted. We've also added docs and tutorials for:  

  • How to stake on Earth Wallet 
  • A step by step guide on using Internet Computer (ICP) with Earth Wallet. 
  • How to use wallet connect for third-party Dapps
  • And more

Check out our new documentation page to see it live!

Looking Forward 🚀

Earth Wallet is committed to bridging the gap between nature, culture, and technology. After a year of Research & Design, we now have all three pieces now in place, and will be finalizing the Earth Wallet codebase for public audits and official code freeze. This will mark the official public release of Earth Wallet, and the open sourcing of our repositories to stay true to our mission of being the most trusted, and secure wallet available.

This will serve as the technology foundation we build a regeneration revolution on top of, so stay tuned in the next few months as we bridge culture and nature to Web3 technology. Until next time!

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