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Earth.com, Inc. Privacy Policy

Updated 5-25-2018

Earth.com, Inc. (“We”, “Us” or “Our” as applicable) takes great care to ensure that any submission of your personal information is kept private and not disclosed in an unauthorized manner.  We respect the privacy of every person that visits our site www.Earth.com (the “Site”) and we are committed to a safe online experience for our users. Although the Site is not designed to collect substantial personal data, we feel it is important to explain what information we do collect, what we do with it and to describe the rights you may have with respect to the data. We also respects the privacy of every person who uses the services that we make available from the Site or who engages with the Site or us to use the services that are provided (be it through the Site or not) (“Services”) or whose personal information may be processed as a result of others’ use of the Services.


This privacy statement (“Privacy Policy”) explains our collection of any personal information that we may obtain about you from you or a third party and the purposes for which we may process such information.  This Privacy Policy also sets out your rights in respect to our processing of your personal information. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is also to comport to applicable data privacy laws and, if applicable, the “DP Laws” (as defined near the end of this Privacy Policy).      

This Privacy Policy informs you of the nature of the information that is collected and processed by us and how you can request that we delete, update, transfers and/or provide you with access to it.

This Privacy Policy is intended to help you make an informed decision when using the Site and our Services and/or to understand how your information may be processed by us as a result of your use of and the function of the Site and Services.  Please read this Privacy Policy carefully so that you understand it. Please note that when using the Site it should be read in conjunction with our Terms of Service, as may be updated from time to time.

Please also note that this Privacy Policy only applies to the use of your personal information obtained by us, it does NOT apply to your personal information that is collected during your


Busprivacy policy to raise any concerns about our processing of personal information by contacting us at the address above. We will seek to resolve any concerns. We will also agree to participate in the dispute resolution program provided by the European Data Protection Authorities if applicable to the user’s citizenship status.


For purposes of this Privacy Policy, “DP Laws” means any applicable data protection laws relating to the protection of individuals with regards to the processing of personal data including (i) EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC (“DP Directive”) as implemented by EU member states, (ii) the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”), from 25 May 2018, (iii) laws implemented by EU member states which contain derogations from, or exemptions or authorizations for the purposes of, the GDPR, or which are otherwise intended to supplement the GDPR, (iv) Directive 2002/58/ec (“ePrivacy Directive”) as implemented by EU member states or in the UK (as may be updated or replaced) or any other law relating to data protection, the processing of personal data and privacy as a consequence of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union; and/or (vi) any corresponding or equivalent national laws or regulations including any amendment, update, modification to or re-enactment of such laws.  Rights afforded to users that live in the European Union may be different than users with other nationalities.