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January 1, 2022

Introducing Earth DAO

As many in our community have heard, we are getting ready to make a big announcement this month. In preparation, Earth DAO will become the new home for Earth Wallet and other new projects contributing to a shared purpose — to create a better reality for life on Earth.

Earth Wallet
Earth Wallet

Earth DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that aims to reduce the trust and communication barriers which exist between people, companies, and nations by creating new finance, social, and governance tools for planet Earth. We envision a world where all of humanity is connected and united toward creating a better planet for future generations.

It is clear that early internet companies have set us on a path to a very dystopian future. Evidence of that “something is wrong” feeling pervades society, media, governments, and financial markets. Now, the hot new sell is to escape into the metaverse.

We have created god-like technology, without a clue how to use it properly. New internet companies wielding potent tools like cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, and autonomous organizations, have the potential to course correct the mistakes of our past. But the stakes are even higher, and even fewer understand the technology well enough to prevent repeating the mistakes, and outcomes, of their predecessors.

Avoiding the false promises of Web3

Bitcoin has accomplished a remarkable feat this decade by becoming the first currency tied directly to energy. This is incredibly useful for the global society by reducing the trust required to do business to the universal language of mathematics and physics. However this does not come without a price.

Current Bitcoin consumption is 50–500TWh per year, which is correlated with the price of BTC. If Bitcoin's pricing model is correct, the network will likely require 500–5000TWh of energy by 2030, which if repurposed, could be used to help hundreds of millions of people with shelter, food, water, etc. while removing the carbon footprint coming from crypto miners during a critical period for our climate.

If Web3 hides these long term societal impacts by focusing users attention on the short term gain that can be achieved, this may lead to worse consequences that Web2 social media have caused by focusing our attention on what made them money. Earth DAO aims to create a new system for what success can look like, one that is actually good for the planet.

Solving the problems of Web2

Decentralized money, finance, and the associated governance technologies that Web3 promise can be used to create a level of shared trust that is comparable, or even better than Bitcoin, while avoiding the societal damage it may cause. This is only possible with a new generation of the social network.

The social networks of Web3 must look very different than those of the past, because their purpose needs to be much bigger than just sharing photos. Instead of focusing on digital landscapes, we need to focus on the land we walk, the air we breathe, and the planet we live on. Not escaping into the metaverse.

There is an Earth out there, a real one, worth interacting with; and if it’s not, it’s worth making it a safe and inviting place to be. So let's keep our attention on the planet we call home, and create a better reality for life on Earth.

It’s worth taking a step into that future, and it starts with Earth DAO.

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